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"Roger has been remarkable to work with in regard to sales, marketing, and media. His vision and overall work ethic have continued to produce long lasting results for our business. His honesty, integrity, and continued availability to servicing our business will always be greatly appreciated."

Brian NeVille President and CEO Wise Company, Inc.

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Traditional Radio - Internet Radio - Satellite Radio

Radio advertising presents some of the best value for your advertising budget. In addtion to traditional radio, you now have both satellite and internet radio available. With this variety of options you can target a specific market or reach a broad national audience. Click here for Radio Advertising


Broadcast - Network - Internet

Once thought to be too expensive and out of reach for the small to mid-sized advertiser, today's television offers advertising possibilities for almost everyone. With the addition of Internet TV take advantage of both the audio and visual aspect of television.
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National Websites - Program Host Websites

The internet offers today's advertiser the unique opportunity to reach specifically targeted markets the were never available before. Advertise your message on some of today's most popular talk radio or sports radio hosts websites.
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National Radio Networks

National radio networks offer you, the advertiser, the ablitiy to gain access the most listened to programs in the nation. With our established relations, we can help the mid-sized to larger advertiser get your message out to the widest audience possible. For the smaller advertiser, we are often able to secure special deals on specific ad space inventory, allowing almost anyone the availability to sell their product on a national scale.
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National Magazines and Newspapers

Ho Hum Productions has developed connections in the print advertising market including some of the largest newspaper and magazines in circulation today. With print advertising you have the opportunity to take advantage of both visual and textual presentations in a format that is always readily available be picked up and looked at over and over again. For many advertisers, this is the most effective way to display their product.
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About Ho Hum Productions

Ho Hum Productions is an advertising and media buying service founded by former national and current internet radio talk show host, Roger Fredinburg. Currently Roger is the host of Homeland Security Radio on the Genesis Communications Network (gcnlive.com). With Roger's well developed industry connections, we offer national advertising packages starting as low as $2000.
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"First and foremost we look for integrity in the often treacherous "entertainment" industry. To date, we believe we've found just that with Mr. Radio Roger (Roger Fredinburg)"...Richard Ostrow Owner / CEO Carnivora Research International

"Roger has a tremendous amount of knowledge and contacts in the advertising and business/political world. He is honest, efficient, courteous and has a great sense of humor. In short, he is a pleasure to work with"...Steve St Clair Founder/CEO Enerhealth Botanicals

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