Breitbart.comBreitbart.com offers real-time access to top news and analysis sources. Monitor up-to-the-minute feeds from wires, newspapers, networks, key blogs and more, giving the user multiple options for exploring topics by channel. While some news sites select stories for the viewer and others allow users to rank favorite news stories, Breitbart emphasizes user access to the raw news feeds -- kind of like an organized grocery store of news.

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Breitbart.com features a variety of video feeds. A new site in the works -- Breitbart.tv -- will highlight news video to an even greater extent. As Breitbart.com evolves, community features will be added to allow viewers to comment on stories and customize the sources.

Breitbart.com is currently offering about 20 million news pages per month to more than three million unique visitors. Many top bloggers rely on Breitbart as a primary news resource. Technorati lists Breitbart.com in its Top 50, with more than 30,000 links from nearly 8,000 blogs.

Other Breitbart sites include BigHollywood.com, BigGovernment.com, and BigJournalism.com.

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