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mic uuuAdvertise on Imus! You can get rates, costs and pricing for the Imus in the morning show here. Call 888-449-2526. Remnant and discounted rates available for some offers. Don Imus is a man known for controversy. He has hosted a version of his “Imus in the Morning” show in varying versions since the early 1970’s. Currently Don Imus is part of the Citadel Broadcasting line up. He is brash and , what some would consider, a “shock Jock”, but Don also has a good side. Along with his wife Dierdre, he Runs the Imus Ranch which works with children with cancer. Nationally syndicated and well known for his comments and antics, Imus in the Morning provides a well targeted audience for your advertising needs. Call us at 888-449-2526 to advertise on the Imus in the morning talk show. Ask about host endorsed advertising please!

Imus broadcast his first program from New York City in 1971. His life journey has by some accounts been arduous.. It began out in California and Arizona, and eventually would make its way on across to Ohio and New York.

Imus was born in Riverside, California. Ranching was the family business. His familiar cowboy persona is completely legitimate. If he revels in the agony of others, as he jokes, it may just be because he’s had a little of that himself.

Imus in the Morning Radio Talk Show Imus did spend a full twelve years in public school emerging with no formal education. He graduated with no honors and no skills, a rare stroke of luck because a broadcasting career required neither. Difficulty continued after Imus’s school days: his undistinguished stretch in the marines, labor in an Arizona copper mine and working on a railroad. Imus suffered a back injury in an engine derailment and at one point the indignities of homelessness, hitchhiking and being broke.

This instilled him with humility, deep respect for our country and its workers, and a need to get even. He emerged from the experience with attributes that contributed to the broadcasting distinction he realized: authenticity with a unique ability to connect with people who work hard, serve country, and care about what matters.

Don Imus at the Imus Ranch – Once Imus began broadcasting, fame and acclaim came quickly. He was inducted into both the National Association of Broadcasters and radio halls of fame. He is the recipient of four Marconi awards. Don Imus was featured on TV programs such as NBC’s “Today” show and CBS’ “60 Minutes.” He was a guest on Charlie Rose, David Letterman, and Larry King.

Don Imus raised millions for the Tomorrows Children Fund, the CJ Foundation for SIDS, America’s veterans, autism studies, environmental concerns, and countless other things.

The Don Imus talk radio show topics include: current events, music, news, sports, and anything Imus wants to talk about. His radio show, Imus in the morning, is legendary. He broadcasted on WABC in New York city and had a very large audience. Don Imus has been in and around radio since the 1960’s. A true veteran of the talk radio business.

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