Jewish World Review.comJewish World Review is an online magazine updated Monday through Friday (except for legal holidays and holy days), which endevours to appeal to "people of faith and those interested in learning more about contemporary Judaism from Jews who take their religion seriously."

It carries informational articles related to Judaism with dozens of syndicated columns, written mostly by politically conservative writers, both Jewish and Gentile, as well as advice columns on a number of issues, and cartoons.

The founder and editor-in-chief, Binyamin L. Jolkovsky, is a rabbinical school graduate and former correspondent for Yated Ne'eman, an Israeli daily.

Although the magazine is written to appeal to Orthodox Jews, Jolkovsky said he seeks to develope a broader readership because "there are a lot of Christians who live Jewish values better than some Jews." Regarding the magazine's political orientation, he said: "It is hard to understand a religious person who votes Democrat... Maimonides, the great Jewish philosopher, said there are 10 levels of charity, tzedakah. The highest level is making a person self-sufficient, which sounds like what the GOP wants to do."

We have every intention of living up to our name. For the Jewish world, after all, is very much a vital and vibrant place, in spite of what the prophets of gloom would have you believe. Jewishness is more than an ethnicity. It's a lifestyle and a worldview. And it's yours. Let's make something of it together!

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