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Advertising on Talk Radio shows can be a very profitable experience for you and your offer! While millions of people tune in to their favorite shows on a daily basis, many advertisers are unaware of the cost saving potential of targeting the exact same listening audience for a fraction of the cost of terrestrial radio station advertising. Call 888-449-2526 today for a free advertising media plan and pricing for streaming host talk radio shows on iHeart radio, Pandora radio and other online streaming radio platforms. While we continue to see amazing loyalty to our hosts shows on radio stations from both listeners and advertisers, we are experiencing rapid growth in our online streaming ad revenues.

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Here is a list of hosts we can place your advertising commercials on in order of their online popularity with listeners.

Michael Savage
Rush Limbaugh
Laura Ingraham
Sean Hannity
Mark Levin
Glenn Beck
Hugh Hewitt
Alex Jones
Howie Carr
George Noory
Tammy Bruce
Mike Gallagher
Dennis Prager
Herman Cain
Red Eye Radio
John Batchelor
Clyde Lewis
The Dana Show
Chris Plante
Michael Medved
Larry Kudlow
Larry Elde
The Power Hour
Jeff Kuhner
Bill Cunningham
Lars Larson
Steve Deace
Jimmy Church
Jesse Lee Peterson
Kim Komando
America’s Morning News
Joe Pags
Bob Brinker
Dave Ramsey
Brian Sussman
Phil Valentine
Heather Wade
Texas Overnight
Aaron Klein
Joe Piscopo
Agenda 21 Radio
Brian Kilmeade
Leo Laporte
Jim Bohannon
Dr. Michio Kaku
Clark Howard
Armstrong & Getty
Robert Scott Bell
Mark Davis

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