Best Advertising rates in Southern Oregon

Advertising deals in Medford Oregon. Get low, discounted and remnant ad rates or competitive ad rates on radio stations, TV Stations and Charter Cable TV channels. Do some advertising on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC and
other Cable TV channels in Medford Or. To get great deals on multiple advertising media in Southern Oregon call Ho Hum Media Inc. today at 888-449-2526.

Get the cost. rates and prices to advertise on Rush Limbaugh,
Sean Hannity, Bill Meyer and other fabulous radio programs.

Call us to buy radio, TV and Print advertising. Our professional
ad agency services are all free to local businesses except for production.

Ho Hum Media will make you a 30 second TV ad using file video for
under $200 and radio ad scripts are free for ad spends above $2500.

Statewide, regional and national advertising campaigns also available here!

Advertise on Medford radio stations:

1150 AM KAGO
1230 AM KSJK
1240 AM KQEN
1240 AM KRJW
1270 AM KAJO
1300 AM KAPL
1400 AM KFJL
1440 AM KMED
1450 AM KFLS
1490 AM KSKR

Advertise on Google and YouTube | Rates | Campaign Management | 888-449-2526

Are you interested in how to advertise on Google or You Tube effectively?
Our amazing digital marketing team has a combined experience equal to decades of hands on daily successes running managed ad-word, display and pre-roll (preroll) ad campaigns on Google Ads and You Tube ads. We can help you decide which Google or You Tube platform will work best for your message. Regardless the business vertical, The issue or event. Google and You Tube campaigns work well for small businesses and Giant Corporations, local, national, international? It doesn’t matter! With a managed advertising and marketing campaign on Google or You Tube… We can scale it to meet your needs and fit your budget. For a free evaluation and media plan to run ads on Google display or You Tube Call 888-449-2526 today!

Advertising rates for Radio Stations in Buffalo New York 888-449-2526

Radio advertising rates, costs and prices are available for advertising campaigns Geo targeting radio station audiences in Buffalo New York Call 888-449-2526 now – to advertise on radio stations at wholesale, discount and remnant advertising rates.   Buffalo New York radio station advertising for local businesses works great to help you build positive ROI, to drive foot traffic and build online customers too! Radio advertising in Buffalo New York may also help drive traffic to social media and websites!

We can help you bolster and properly target political advertising and issues advertising campaigns as well. Radio advertising rates in Buffalo New York are dependent on day-part, audience size and popularity of the radio station or show you want to air your radio ads and commercials on. The rates generally cost between $5 CPM and $25 CPM depending on the Buffalo New York media we decide on.

Call 888-449-2526 for current rates and a free media plan for your advertising campaign. Remember we also offer TV, Online display, Newspaper and print advertising in Buffalo New York too.  Ask about getting a free ad (Available with some offers)  888-449-2526. Advertise on local news, weather, sports or save money Remember – Remnant radio advertising rates are available with some offers – Just ask us and we’ll share that information with you when possible.

In a world flooded with messages,

Radio ad messages are still producing awesome results for businesses in  Buffalo New York Per current online sources, radio advertising spend will grow from 18.38 billion this year, to over 18.87 billion by 2020. Steady growth equals more revenue in your pocket.  Consistent and measurable results are what counts in any advertising campaign!

Ho Hum Productions helps you utilize radio advertising’s traditional role of helping businesses sell products and/or drive sales leads, is better than ever!  Now you can get those same advertising results and enjoy the benefits of growing your business in Buffalo New York in a measurable way with Ho Hum Productions.   Whether you like to be involved with your advertising or let a trusted Advertising Agency bring results to you, we find you a Radio Ad Campaign to meet your needs.

We place a lot of ad buys all the time.

Let us show you the ad rate savings that you will see when you let Ho Hum Productions handle your adverting needs.  We can purchase remnant ad time or buy across multiple radio stations to help lower your ad spend in Buffalo New York substantially.  A key factor in using Ho Hum is we know the best stations to run your ads on!  We will find the right stations and programs to run your ads on and then use our buying power to save you big money on your advertising dollar!  We can also get remnant ad rates for some markets to save even more money.

Don’t forget in addition to Radio adverting placement in Buffalo New York we also offer Internet, Traditional TV, Social Media, Online display, Newspaper and print advertising. So, if you need a little help or a lot, Ho Hum Productions is the right Ad agency for your next Advertising run!  Call us today at 888-449-2526.

Here is a list of Buffalo New York radio stations our advertising clients have had success with.


97 Rock
50 James E Casey Dr, Buffalo, NY 14206, USA

Totally Gospel Radio Network
878 Humboldt Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14211, USA

50 James E Casey Dr, Buffalo, NY 14206, USA

140 Lower Terrace, Buffalo, NY 14202, USA

WBLK 93.7 FM
14 Lafayette Square #1200, Buffalo, NY 14203, USA

2900 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY 14225, USA

Country 106.5 WYRK
14 Lafayette Square #1200, Buffalo, NY 14203, USA

143 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14203, USA

Townsquare Media Buffalo
14 Lafayette Square #1200, Buffalo, NY 14203, USA

WBEN 930 – Entercom Buffalo, LLC
500 Corporate Pkwy # 200, Buffalo, NY 14226, USA

500 Corporate Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14226, USA

14 Lafayette Square # 1200, Buffalo, NY 14203, USA

500 Corporate Pkwy # 200, Buffalo, NY 14226, USA

WHTT-FM Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14220, USA

1300 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222, USA

Principle Broadcasting Network
726 Exchange St # 410, Buffalo, NY 14210, USA

WRUB Radio
173 Millard Fillmore Academic Complex, Buffalo, NY 14261, USA