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Advertise on Pandora to laser target Geo targets and Demographic groups with online radio advertising messages. Low ad Rates and Costs. Put your advertising dollars to work by Geo targeting the exact audience you want to reach. 888-449-2526. You will find that Political advertising rates are competitive and because of Pandora’s deep data on listeners, we can minimize waste and get you more reach for less money. So, for Direct Response and Political advertising – nobody can beat what Pandora offers! Get a current media kit and rate card here.

Advertise on Pandora in all 50 states or in the cities listed below and target the exact audience you seek. The Geo Targeting capabilities are laser sharp, down the zip code level. For prices, rate and remnant or discounted rates on Pandora locally or nationally.  Call Ho Hum Media today 888-449-2526. We are an authorized media buyer for all forms of advertising available including radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazine, outdoor, mobile and online display campaigns. Call us today for your free media plan and quotes for national or local advertising in any format. 888-449-2526. All rates are CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) range $8 to $30 CPM.

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 Reasons why advertising on Pandora brings great profits and high returns (ROI). Rate card and media kit available at 888-449-2526

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  • Target by narrow Geographic Region– Advertisers can easily customize their campaign/ by targeting countries, zip code, or any relevance of your campaign.
  • Target by Age– Advertiser’s message campaign can be delivered only the listeners you select .
  • Target by lifestyles / listening habits– You can target specific music. Want people with more disposable income? Target classical music or jazz. Want young adults? Target rock or urban music.
  • Your message can not be turned off– With traditional radio, people can tune out during the commercial or change channels. With Pandora cost Advertising they can not skip the commercial.
  • Your message stands alone– With traditional radio, sometimes commercial breaks are up to six minutes long. If your commercial is at the end of the break, your potential customer has little involvement. With Pandora there is one commercial at a time and only four an hour.
  • The Costs is Reasonable– Most people can advertise on Pandora Radio for less than a traditional media buy on local radio station.
According from Pandora

Pandora says it’s previous 30-day active listeners had increased to 49 million in February versus 47 million in January, and that it had 150 million registered users as of January
Target Spot shared data that showed that 42% of the U.S. population is listening to digital audio
Triton Media Group said monthly current Internet radio CPM rate for those online listeners would grow from 116 million in 2011 to 200 million by 2018.

Pandora Radio Mobile Ad details

Mobile Pandora Radio AD Targeting is not really strict to any users commonly they use user login, collect demographic locations, zip codes it’s also reaching among cookie less mobile audience. Reach mobile online radio listeners for pennies.

Pandora typically shows seven display ads per listener hour and runs 2.5 audio ads (of 15- or 30 seconds) per hour. Users might also see a video Ad. CPM rates range from $10 CPM to $30. The sell-through rate — the proportion of premium advertising sold directly by Pandora — is higher on desktop than mobile.

In mobile, which makes up 81% of Pandora’s inventory, CPMs are now in the low $30 range compared to the low $20 range a year ago, due to higher sell-through. Ads on the desktop command a $60 CPM because that remaining 19% of inventory is effectively sold out. While the ad load has grown in recent years, the company doesn’t need to increase the load to boost ad revenue so much as to continue to improve sell-through.

Pandora rate card for planning rates in local or national ad campaigns

Pandora advertising rates


How to advertise on Pandora in these and other fine American cities (See list below)

New York NY

Los Angeles CA

Chicago IL

San Francisco CA

Dallas-Ft. Worth TX

Houston-Galveston TX

Philadelphia PA

Atlanta GA

Washington DC

Boston MA

Detroit MI

Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood FL

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Seattle-Tacoma WA

Phoenix AZ

Minneapolis-St. Paul MN

San Diego CA

Nassau-Suffolk NY

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater FL

St. Louis MO

Baltimore MD

Denver-Boulder CO

Portland OR

Pittsburgh PA

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill NC-SC

How to advertise on Pandora Nationally or locally in all 50 states

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota