Talk Radio Advertising

Get great placement and rates on National or Local Talk radio – Including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham & Hundreds more!


TV Advertising Deals – DRTV

Find remnant, wholesale, local spot, Cable and National ad rates for any TV offering in the USA! Fox  News & Business, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, ESPN and so much more!


Digital Everything

We can get you great rates on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad words, Search, Opt-in email lists, other social media, OTT streaming TV and much more!



Over 25 years helping businesses, organizations, political and issues campaigns and others succeed in their advertising efforts! Join us in the adventure… 888-449-2526

“I’ve known and worked closely with Roger Fredinburg, on media campaigns, for the past six years. One project on which we collaborated resulted in the client quintupling it’s earnings in a single month. Roger knows the business and exactly where to find advertising opportunities that really pull in specifically targeted customers. In addition to his talent at ad placement, he’s great at pinpointing advertising concepts that fit the intended audience. All this AND he’s a fun and energetic character who makes working a pleasure.”

Jim Brewster – President, Blue Star Media

“I have worked on several projects with Ho Hum Media and found them to be professional, courteous and knowledgeable over a wide spectrum of media channels. I would recommend their agency with great confidence. They have demonstrated the ability to get the job done right and with effective results.”

Linda Schwartz – Freedom Media


  • We offer Search Engine Marketing.

o             This is the pay-per click ads that you see at the top and the right side of your search results page on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

o             We do the research on what keywords you should target.

o             We write the ads, set the budget, and track results.

o             This is a very cost-effective way to target people who are already searching for businesses like yours.


  • We offer Search Engine Optimization.

o             We work with keywords on your site, generate links to your site, and make changes to your site that will get you a better ranking on the search engines.

o             We are confident that you will see the results you want for a reasonable price.


  • Social Media

o             This is the most popular online marketing option available right now.

o             It can include networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Bookmarking, and literally hundreds more.

o             What we can do is manage your profile, generate content, build your audience base…. All in your voice.

o             the benefit to you is you’re creating conversations that involve your business and services. It’s also a very time-consuming process.

o             So yes, this might be something you can do yourself, but we have the knowledge, training, and tools to use these sites to their potential. Never mind the amount of time it would take you every day to do this effectively.


  • Web Design

o             We offer self-editable websites. We work with you to design the site. You can edit the content whenever you want. Change text, photos, videos, products available whenever you would like.

  • Newspaper Networks
  • Radio

o             Remnant

o             Syndicated

o             Geographically Targeted

  • Television

o             Cable – Network Cable & Spot Cable

o             Syndicated

o             Network Television – National & Local

o             Dish Network & DirecTV

o             Infomercials

o             Retail television

o             Hospital television

o             Grocery television

o             In hotel room

  • Magazine
  • Outdoor

o             Billboards

o             Mobile Advertising

o             Bus

o             Phone booths

o             Malls

o             Colleges

  • Online Banner Advertising
  • Graphic Design

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Ho Hum Productions is the brainchild of nationally syndicated radio host Roger Fredinburg. Roger was a key team member in building the Art Bell shows Coast to Coast AM and Dreamland radio. Roger was the lead in to Art Bell for a decade or more on TRN/CBC radio networks. He had over 200 stations carrying his show and Art Bell was at nearly 400 stations. As the daytime sales Manager – Roger was inundated with advertisers – all were seeking other media options. Ho Hum Media was born of a desire to help existing advertisers excel beyond the TRN and CBC brands, So Ho Hum Media was established in 1993, when Roger’s Syndicated radio show was on about 200 stations and about one year into syndication. Ho Hum Productions became an media buying service for Roger’s advertisers who wanted to expand their reach affordably through Roger’s many friends and contacts in the radio business.We provide media buying services for the following:

Online advertising
Mobile advertising
Website advertising
national cable television
national broadcast television
local broadcast television
local cable television
local radio
Streaming Radio
Satellite Radio
digital media
Preroll video
print — newspaper
Banner – newspaper
print — magazine
Social Media advertising
Ad script writing
Ad production
Radio and TV
Political Campaign advertising
Outdoor ads
Specialty advertising
Long form Radio production
Podcasting recording and production

We assist businesses in negotiating the best rates in the industry on Radio and the internet. This gives your business access to over 1500 radio stations and millions of listeners. At Ho Hum Productions, we also represent many of today’s top rated internet sites. We do “active listening placements”. This means passive formats like music are not in the mix, just News, Talk, Sports and other specialty radio programs. Our experience, backed by industry statistics (see RAB), bear out our logic. We generally place ads at well below rate card prices and promote “LIVE READS” by the celebrity hosts. We target both the unreported and UN-rated areas in addition to the top markets. Since millions of radio listeners go unreported, we are able to capitalize on the bargains available in this environment. WE ALSO DO PUBLICITY AND SET UP Radio and TV Interviews with all major TV and Radio shows .. Ask about our Publicity and PR services.

Award winning Video production for Web and TV commercials are available… just ask for demo and quote. 888-449-2526