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TV Advertising Deals – DRTV

Find remnant, wholesale, local spot, Cable and National ad rates for any TV offering in the USA! Fox  News & Business, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, ESPN and so much more!


Digital Everything

We can get you great rates on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad words, Search, Opt-in email lists, other social media, OTT streaming TV and much more!


Advertise with Dedicated email lists – Opt in with subscriptions

We have access to the Top 10 private subscriber and opt in email lists!!! Call 888-449-2526 to rent or buy dedicated email lists for direct response campaigns, branding and fundraising. Rates, prices, costs and target demographic information available here. Our media buying services are almost always free to paid advertisers.

These are Dedicated email lists, not simply so-called “Opt in email lists” for sale or rent and are not the typical opt in lists that are received as spam. These are true subscriber lists sent by credible email servers to people who have actually requested to receive them. 100% Can Spam compliant and with a near zero complaint history.

Email marketing is easy for us. We access only the top email list managers and lead brokers and have access to the top 100 email lists currently available. Political candidate email lists, Conservative email lists, Preppers email lists, Survival email lists, self help email lists and home business email lists. Here is a short list of some of the top dedicated email lists available…

Call for Data cards and Rates. We can have your advertising reach all of the below listed memberships. We do not own or sell these lists so member’s privacy is always respected. As an authorized associate, we will submit your advertising to the lists’ respective owners. Call us at Ho Hum Productions 888-449-2526 today for great advertising buys.

Your Advertising can reach Members from Selected Organizations Below!!!

The Drudge Report
The Weekly Standard
The Blaze
American Solutions for Winning the Future
American Political Action Committee (AMPAC)
GOPContacts (GOPC)
Conservative Contacts Alerts (CCA)
Center for Defense of Free Enterprise (CDFE)
Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms
Gun Alerts – (GA)
Clash Daily (Doug Giles)
Conservative Byte
Cowboy Byte
Freedom Outpost
Godfather Politics (political only)
Last Resistance
Liberty Alliance
Minutemen News
Our Friends of Freedom
Patriot Update
Political Outcast
Saving Our Future (Kirk Cameron)
Tea Party Economist (Gary North)
The Political Insider
Vision to America
Sold out after crisis
Gaining Green
Retirement Planning Zone
Independent Living
4RG: For a Republican Governor
Contract From America
Conservative Donors
Conservative Defense Hawks
Conservative Responders
Dustin Stockton
Right & Free
America’s Conservative News
National Tea Party Alert
Christine PAC
Sharon Angle Donors
Citizens United
College Republican National Committee
Gingrich Productions
Grassroots Action Masterfile
Newt for President
Patriot Action Network
Political Media
Guns & Patriots
CNSNews Ebreif
Headline Politics
Survival Institute
Online Payments