Talk Radio Advertising

Get great placement and rates on National or Local Talk radio – Including Joe Rogan, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham & Hundreds more!


TV Advertising Deals – DRTV

Find remnant, wholesale, local spot, Cable and National ad rates for any TV offering in the USA! Fox  News & Business, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, ESPN and so much more!


Digital Everything

We can get you great rates on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad words, Search, Opt-in email lists, other social media, OTT streaming TV and much more!


Digital Display

We have relationships with many online publishers! From CNN and Fox News – To NewsMax and Breitbart and about 23,000 online and print entities. Often times we can access “Stand By” or remnant rate inventory at below wholesale rates. Bulk rates often apply with prestigious publishers such as The Drudge Report, WND and a multitude of media affiliated websites for various causes, radio hosts, personalities and the like. Call 888-449-2526 to get more detailed information on how to plan and execute a winning display advertising campaign.

The internet offers today’s advertiser the unique opportunity to reach specifically targeted markets that were never available before. It also provides a way to advertise on some of today’s most popular news talk or sports radio host’s websites.

Call us 888-449-2526 today! Test or expand your Internet Advertising – We have over 100 of the best internet sites available for advertising including:
Additionally, advertisers and marketers are discovering the amazing possibilities with newspaper and magazine online editions and targeted email lists that are both dedicated and sponsored – These are double opt in subscriber based lists are a powerful marketing and advertising tool for DR (Direct Response – Branding – and driving website or foot traffic. You can get rates, costs, prices and a free media plane from us.

Call us today at 888-449-2526 to learn more about this exciting advertising opportunity.

“ Incorporated is very appreciative of the professionalism and expertise Mr. Fredinburg brings to the business relationship between our companies. The services he provides to our company have been stellar and worth every penny. He continually hunts for the best deal on our behalf and makes sure we get everything we bargained for. Roger is an amazing asset for any company.”–

Chris Fain, President/CEO

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