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How to advertise on the Dan Bongino radio show 888-449-2526

Now you can advertise on Dan Bongino’s new show on Fox News “Unfiltered” To get ad rates and a media kit to advertise on Unfiltered – hosted by Dan Bongino call now! 888-449-2526. Get a media kit and rate card here for the Dan Bongino show on radio or advertise with Dan Bongino on his Fox News hit Unfiltered!  – If you want to advertise on the Dan Bongino radio show syndicated by Westwood One you have found the right place! Our agency has been placing advertising with Dan Bongino for a long time. To seek Dan Bongino’s personal product or service endorsement he will need to personally approve it. We’ll happily run it up the flag pole for you but be prepared to pay a premium for that as Dan’s endorsement carries real weight. To get the best advertising rates on the national radio show or remnant deals on radio stations across the Country that carry the Dan Bongino show just call 888-449-2526. We will secure the lowest rates, cost and prices for your advertising campaign.



Dan Bongino Bio:

Former U.S. Secret Service agent. He was on the protective detail for President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.
2012 Republican nominee for US Senate from Maryland. Lost to incumbent, Senator Ben Cardin.
Former NYPD officer.
University of New York, where he earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology, and Pennsylvania State University, where he earned a Master of Business Administration.
Fox News contributor.
Author of “Inside The Bubble” a book that brought him to the attention of Fox News.
Also wrote “Follow The Money”.

If you want to know how much it costs or what the rates are – ask for a rate card. Need to know how to advertise on the Dan Bongino show and other Westwood One shows and Podcasts such as Mark Levin or advertise on Podcast One… Call us today at Ho Hum Media! 888-449-2526. Best, lowest and most affordable rate packages for the national show or on local stations that carry the Dan Bongino show. Rate card, Media Kit, Host Endorsements available here.