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What others say about our work speaks volumes… We are humbled by the praise for our ad agency efforts in media buying and planning! –Thanks to All…

“Clients tell me they use us because – Our word is as good as any contract ever written” — Roger Fredinbug CEO Ho Hum Media Inc.


“Working with Roger is a delight. He understands audiences and what a client needs…the best”.

George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM


“I’ve known and worked closely with Roger Fredinburg, on media campaigns, for the past six years. One project on which we collaborated resulted in the client quintupling it’s earnings in a single month. Roger knows the business and exactly where to find advertising opportunities that really pull in specifically targeted customers. In addition to his talent at ad placement, he’s great at pinpointing advertising concepts that fit the intended audience. All this AND he’s a fun and energetic character who makes working a pleasure.”

Jim Brewster – President, Blue Star Media


“I have worked on several projects with Ho Hum Media and found them to be professional, courteous and knowledgeable over a wide spectrum of media channels. I would recommend their agency with great confidence. They have demonstrated the ability to get the job done right and with effective results.”

Linda Schwartz – Freedom Media


“Roger has been remarkable to work with in regard to sales, marketing, and media. His vision and overall work ethic have continued to produce long lasting results for our business. His honesty, integrity, and continued availability to servicing our business will always be greatly appreciated.”

Brian NeVille President and CEO Wise Company, Inc.”


First and foremost we look for integrity in the often treacherous “entertainment” industry. To date, we believe we’ve found just that with Mr. Radio Roger (Roger Fredinburg)”…

Richard Ostrow – Owner / CEO Carnivora Research International


“Roger has a tremendous amount of knowledge and contacts in the advertising and business/political world. He is honest, efficient, courteous and has a great sense of humor. In short, he is a pleasure to work with”…

Ted Anderson / CEO Midas Resources


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Roger several times and each time has been a fantastic experience. Roger’s knowledge and care for his clients needs is truly exceptional. His understanding of the industry and willingness to go that extra step in securing the best environment for his clients truly makes Roger and Ho Hum the right choice for your advertising needs. I look forward to working with Roger into the future.”

— David B, Media Sales


“Roger can be summed up as intelligent, knows the industry and stays the course until success.”

— Chuck Harder – For The People Networks