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How to use voice overs in your radio spot 888-449-2526

How to select voice overs types in a commercial!

Should you voice your own ad? That can be real tricky question for many reasons. If you are not a native speaker or if you don’t speak well, the list goes on… For many companies commercials the best answer is a professional voice over for your radio commercial spot.

The voice you hear in any commercial conveys the tone of your brand and provides information about your product, service or concept. Depending on your target demographic, the voice may sound like a professional, the man next door, or maybe a scholar on a specific subject. The voice over “actor” is chosen carefully to reach the target audience most likely to be interested in your product or service. Depending on what product or service you are selling, accent or tone matters. A slower rate of speaking is sometimes used to convey more drama and emotion, while faster, more animated voices create a sense of urgency. Selecting the best suited voice over actor helps to create a memorable and unmistakable voice for your brand that leaves a long-lasting impression.  To find out more call 888-449-2526


What to consider when selecting voice over talent


Who do you want to reach? You know. Depending on the kind of commercial being recorded and your product, service or concept, the voice you select may vary greatly. Many advertisers choose an age group, gender, or accent based on the commercial’s specific offering and who it is appealing to.


Vocal characteristics of the voice actor


Choose a voice that sounds like your target audience. Besides the gender and age group, consider the area or region where your commercial will be heard. Consider using a voice over actor with the specific accent appropriate for areas where distinct accents are prevalent. It is best to listen to many voice over demos before deciding on what voice best suits your commercial.  Ready to start?  888-449-2526


Two selling styles: soft sell and hard sell

Soft Sell

Generally, soft sell is friendly and impressive. So you may choose a voice over style that is not too assertive or bossy. If your style leans more towards soft sell, then a friendly, pleasant voice will be your best choice.

Hard Sell

Hard sell is more aggressive and more serious. A more powerful voice is designed to get your customer to buy a product or service right away. If you require a hard sell, you will want to find a voice over artist with a deep, announcer style voice.
Why are Voice Overs Important?



Voice overs are important to make your content presentable. The variation in expressions, accent, and style of a voice over actor can make your ad more appealing.

The benefits of voice overs include:

  • Voice overs for commercials are a proven solution to make your content more alive and real.
  • A great voice over can help to elevate your business (or campaign) above your competition.
  • Voice overs help to tell your story in a way that is understandable and engaging.

Can you do your own Voice Overs?

Sure, there is an element of trust that happens when you are the owner and the face of your company. The stars must align though. You must have a clear voice, that is pitched well and you must enunciate! If you are unsure if your voice would work for an ad, give us a call to find out if your pipes ROCK! 888-449-2526