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National Cable TV remnant rate examples 50 Networks

If you want to advertise with remnant, stand by, wholesale, discount, last second TV spots and ads or commercials on national cable TV here are rates, costs and examples for about 50 networks. The list here is a real example bur rates and details are subject to change without...
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Cheap remnant Cable TV advertising rates

How to buy cheap and affordable national advertising on cable TV  in over 40 million homes. Now priced at less than one dollar per 30 second TV ad.  These are the  cheapest rates ever on national cable TV remnant spot or national advertising. Get the lowest rates, cheapest deals...
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Cheap TV Ad $149 and up! Remnant ad rates too

Get a cheap TV ad and cheap TV commercials produced here. Ads are made fast and cheap – Priced at $149.00 and up. TV ads don’t need to be Pulitzer prize winning Hollywood productions to get your advertising message delivered. Call 888-449-2526 to order your cheap, low cost affordable...
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