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If you could find the map to El Dorado or the secret to the perfect marketing plan today, which would you pick? Recent reports have exposed Social Media is a harder marketing channel to see decent advertising ROI because of the bombardment of online offers. Traditional media or Legacy media is on a comeback now because of that fact. Knowing how to buy traditional media that works properly with newer digital media is the key. Radio is a traditional media that has remained strong and has grown in the digital advertising realm. Radio has grown its online reach like no other traditional media, mostly due to online radio programs and podcasts. Radio Remnants ads are a secret weapon to maximizing your ad dollars and seeing returns with radio ads on your money right now.

According to Eddison Research’s recent 2019 report “Regarding social media, the latest study finds the number of current users of Facebook continues to drop. The study shows an estimated 15 million fewer users of Facebook than in the 2017 report. The declines are heavily concentrated among younger people.” The article goes on to say, “The percentage of Americans who listen to online audio (defined as listening to AM/FM radio stations online and/or listening to streamed audio content available only on the internet) has doubled since 2012, growing from one-third of the population to two-thirds. While a few car manufacturers have gotten rid of radios in their new models, Online AM/FM use continues to grow!

Some interesting facts about the benefits of traditional media can be found In an article by Mediagistic writer Geri Persiano-Vukas she quotes a recent study that shows product/service brand retention is better with traditional media. Sixty percent of people will remember traditional ad verses thirty percent for digital media. Further Per News radio facts & figures page, “243 million American adults listen to AM/FM radio each month. And audiences are becoming more diverse. There are 44 million Hispanic listeners and more than 34 million Black listeners a month in the US.”

To quote Roger Fredinburg National Radio talk show host of “Homeland Security Radio and CEO of Ho Hum Media, Inc. “When you advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show you are exposing your ads to over 3 million people (average quarter hour listeners.) Most of those listeners are not going anywhere during the broadcast. Same thing if you advertise on the CNN, Fox News, Drudge Report, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, George Noory, and other radio news or talk show programs, your ad stands by itself people just can’t scroll by and ignore it. If you really want to see an immediate boost in ROI, one plan is to use Radio Remnant ads often! They let a company test the results of an advertising campaign before they put big money behind a more focused radio ad campaign.”

Roger goes on to say, “Think about snowflakes, each snowflake is a unique masterpiece unto itself but because so many snowflakes fall at the same time, it’s difficult to see the beauty of each individual flake. So when you run an ad in a “snowpacked” digital media environment, it’s hard to stand out! Much care is needed to choose the right blend of digital and traditional media today.”

Really the secret of Radio advertising today is Remnant ads! What are Radio Remnant ads? They are Ad spots that are created when programming changes during a broadcast. They can be during prime time shows as well as off-hours. An agency with experience can tell you if the available ads spots would work for your product or service.  More importantly, they monitor if the ad was played or not.

Our conclusion is that in an online advertising world is bombarded with advertisements that users can bypass, Traditional Media is making a pointed comeback because when a person hears an ad all by itself, they remember it and take action. Companies need to make sure that they use an Agency who is well schooled in traditional media buying, as well as digital, this is the key. At this point in time companies that can take advantage of traditional media bargains, combined with the right digital media spends, are seeing big results in advertising ROI. We still currently working on getting a good link to the El Dorado map site… please don’t hold your breath!