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National Cable TV remnant rate examples 50 Networks

If you want to advertise with remnant, stand by, wholesale, discount, last second TV spots and ads or commercials on national cable TV here are rates, costs and examples for about 50 networks. The list here is a real example bur rates and details are subject to change without notice.  Call 888-449-2526 for a free… Read More »

Christmas advertising for retail and Online businesses

Get the lowest cost and rates for Christmas advertising and Holiday marketing on Radio, TV and Print as well as online display remnant advertising deals. Call 888-449-2526 Get the best advertising rates for Christmas marketing and sales. How to advertise for Holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine’s  day, anniversaries, birthdays and… Read More »

$299 Low cost TV ads with TV and radio commercial production

Low cost, affordable and cheap TV advertising, radio advertising – online display and print. If you are looking to save money and keep costs down on radio, TV and online display advertising campaigns, you have landed on the right website. Whether you want to advertise seasonally for Christmas,back to school, Mothers and Fathers day, Valentines… Read More »

How to run ads on Fox News Channel

This show was CANCELED! Ask about the Laura Ingraham show instead! The advertising sales phone number for the Eric Bolling show Fox News Specialists here at Ho Hum Media is 888-449-2526.  Eric also hosts Cashinin on Saturdays and we often have access to remnant and highly discounted advertising rates on cable news programs. Eric Bolling… Read More »

How to advertise on Tucker Carlson Tonight

How to run ads on Tucker Carlson tonight? How much does it cost to advertise on Fox News with Tucker Carlson? Well… for now we are sticking with the same rate card! Call 1-888-449-2526 for sales help to advertise on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The sudden firing of Fox News Channel superstar and host of the… Read More »

Pandora radio advertising sales agency for New Jersey

Pandora online radio advertising rates, cost, pricing and discounted or remnant advertising options in New Jersey. Call 888-449-2526. You really should be advertising with online radio including Pandora, Spotify, iHeart radio and more. Ten’s of millions of news radio listeners are being added to the audience each year. Small businesses seeking local advertising reach in… Read More »

Pandora advertising rates for local or national campaigns

Pandora online radio advertising Rates and Costs. Put your ad dollars to work by Geo targeting the exact audience you want to reach. 888-449-2526 Advertise on Pandora in all 50 states or in the cities listed below and target the exact audience you seek. The Geo Targeting capabilities are laser sharp, down the zip code… Read More »

Remnant Advertising Deals – Radio – Online – DRTV – TV

How to Buy Remnant Advertising? Call 888-449-2526 if you are seeking remnant deals on DRTV, Talk Radio, Newspapers and magazines etc. National or local? Demand is  high for much of the available  remnant advertising out there. Ad placement on TV, Radio and in print or online editions of magazines and newspapers  is less expensive –… Read More »

Georgia Advertising Agency Contact List

Call 888-449-2526 to advertise in the home of the worlds best tasting peaches,  Georgia!  Advertise in beautiful cities like Atlanta, Savannah and many more.  You can get rates, costs and prices for radio, TV, Cable, Mobile, websites and online display advertising as well as outdoor media, online editions of newspapers, magazines etc. Your own National… Read More »

New Jersey Advertising agency Contact List

Call 888-449-2526 to find the best advertising agency to advertise in the The Great State of New Jersey. You can get rates, costs and prices for radio, TV, Cable, Mobile, websites and online display advertising as well as outdoor media, online editions of newspapers, magazines etc. Your own National Ad Agency will get you better… Read More »